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ENK Academy is ready! Are you?

April 27, 2021

We are very excited to share some good news on a League initiative that you will all be seeing in social media over the next few weeks. The OPFL has engaged Elite NeuroKinetix to help the league with some of its initiatives and the OPFL’s Player and Coaches Development committees have some activities planned through ENK Academy to support you; Starting with a weekly challenges leading up to a provincial virtual combine and recruiting fair.

The league had announced that this is open to all players currently registered with an OPFL Club Center AND players that participated in 2019 that have graduated our programs due to age eligibility.

  • This week, our coaches will be sending you a link to sign up for their team on the platform. You will need to create an account at and join your team with that link (Links are unique to each Club and Team (i.e: Clarington Knights Junior’s link is different from Niagara Spears Bantam). A copy for the user guide can be found below.
  • Week of May 3rd, all league players will start with a simple drill that will be on the platform for you to watch, replicate on video and upload. Coaches will review your video and rank it (evaluate) as well provide feedback. This week will also allow us to identify any challenges or hiccups that will need to be ironed out.
  • May 15th is the target date to launch the first Weekly challenge across the league. These weekly fitness challenges will include things like push up, plank, squat jumps, etc. Each week, the league will highlight participants through social media and the OPFL YouTube channel along with segments that will include guest interviews. These challenges will be done at home to allow adherence to lockdown restrictions.
  • The weekly challenges are to prepare you for the OPFL Provincial Combine that will include all 3 Bantam, Junior, Varsity and Graduated players – with different criteria at each age level, with Varsity and Graduated players having a post-secondary recruitment component.  More details on the Provincial Combine will be coming soon.

Keep an eye out for your ENK Academy code from your Club/Coaches

Elite NeuroKinetix (ENK), the OPFL and YOU

Elite NeuroKinetix (ENK) and the Ontario Provincial Football League (OPFL) have joined forces to make football safer for athletes across Ontario. This partnership represents the mutual interest of both organizations to promote a culture of safety and injury prevention throughout the youth football community. 

What does this mean for our athletes and parents?

  • As members of the OPFL, athletes will gain free access to ENK’s new online platform, ENK Academy.
  • The ENK Academy platform will provide a digital space for athletes with access to new research-based methods and technologies that will help them learn how to engage in safer contact, reduce their risk of head injury and become better players.
  • There will be a recruiting component to the platform where the OPFL will host a provincial Combine for our athletes to showcase their skills. Recruiters across Canada will have access to your results.

What does this mean for our coaches?

  • Our coaches will be able to effectively implement safety and performance drills, set benchmarks and measure skill development both in person and at a distance.
  • This tool will allow our coaches to improve their coaching practice, and identify where to focus
  • efforts to keep athletes healthy and on the field.
  • The online platform also provides flexibility and will allow teams to adapt quickly and optimally in their return to play within the COVID-19 context.

What does this mean for the league?

  • Together with parents, athletes, coaches, volunteers, and administrators the goal of the League is to help improve the game that they've come to expect and deserve, with a focus continuing to be putting athletes first
  • ENK will work with the OPFL to bring its expertise in injury prevention, research, and athlete development directly to youth football athletes, beginning in the 2021 off-season.
  • In accordance with Rowan’s Law, the ENK team will provide continuous support to OPFL members in
    • conducting player risk assessments and risk-monitoring,
    • developing data-informed interventions and guidelines for player safety, and
    • ultimately decreasing exposure to head impacts among football players.

How does this work

  • All OPFL Club Centers will have a unique access for their teams.
  • Each Team Head Coach will manage his/her participants
  • Players will join a team and get started with the league mandate safety portion, and team directed performance section.
  • Players that are eligible can join the combine and prospect section
  • Recruiters will have access to the combine results.

ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED? Check back shortly for all our user guides.